My Story

As a little girl I knew that spaces and bodies had energy. My father refinished and collected antiques as a hobby and later he ran a highly successful antique business in Ontario, Canada for over 30 years. This was training ground for me to learn about the rich varieties of energy present with furniture and spaces. I was always fascinated by antiques, architecture, design, interiors, beautiful gardens and travelling. I have found that each part of the world has an energy, flavour, varied pace and energetic movement. As I traveled I could sense the heaviness and lightness everywhere and noticed the energy of the people and how it affected them.

Learning More

Studying Feng Shui in New York and later becoming a Feng Shui master opened another world for me with manipulating the flow of energy in spaces.  I couldn't get enough, so I studied interiors, floral design and anything else I came across that matched my love of spaces and energy work.

Spaces and places always spoke to me and I noticed that the energy of the space was being reflected in my clients bodies, this lead me to searching for more. Diving into healing techniques I trained in EFT, tuning forks, and became a Reiki Master. I have always been a seeker, knowing that it would lead me to something wonderful!

Access Consciousness

Since discovering Access Consciousness in 2009, I have been on a wonderful journey. I initially was introduced to Liam Phillips through his book "Curing the Incurable", his radio show and his classes.  I then discovered Shannon O'Hara and her classes "Talking To The Entities" as I was already clearing the energy of spaces and entities and found her style enlightening. All of this was fascinating to me and opened up so much more awareness in my world. So of course I dove right in! I became an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Access Body Process Practitioner, Right Relationship for you Facilitator, Empowerment Coach.

In 2015 I founded "Creating Conscious Spaces" which is a designing your life series.

The Rebirth

In August 2013, my world was rocked dramatically. I can - now - say for the BETTER. After almost dying from a massive pulmonary embolism, I was rushed to the hospital for a 10 day stay. Thankfully, I choose to live and sought various practitioners to facilitate my healing. I finalized a 4.5 year divorce, sold my 21 year old house, de-cluttered, downsized and temporarily moved into a small bedroom at a friends's house. After taking the time to heal my body, I asked for a new home to find me and in a very short time one did! It was the first place I viewed and right away I fell in love. How did I get so lucky?

What If

My travels with Access continue to take me all over the world sharing this yummy energy, creating more and wondering "What if?"

What if having more of you could create relationship, career, money and life you have always desired for yourself?

I truly believe that the possibilities are endless and INFINITE

What if you could be given the tools to change things in your universe beyond what you ever imagined?

I love to see the transformation in my clients businesses, bodies, spaces, relationship and lives.

What if you could ask your Spaces and Body what they desire?

Would your Body enjoy a class, having your Bars run, or a body process?

Would your Space enjoy me coming to play and show you how to open up to new possibilities?

What if a private coaching session either in person or via skype with me was kind and nuturing?

Could this be the change you are seeking?

I offer you the gift of stepping into making changes and choices to bring more fun, laughter and light to your world!

How can I assist you in choosing for you?

I am so excited about the possibilities and I am looking forward to creating more with you!

Hugs ~ Lisa 

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