Creating Conscious Spaces™ Consults

Would you love to have Lisa with her background and knowledge in your home, work place or exterior spaces to play and create something totally amazing?!

During her consultation, either live or via Zoom Lisa will collaborate with you and the space in this transformation, for creating the changes you desire.

Prior to the consult Lisa will do 15 min pre-consult with you either by phone, Skype or Zoom to determine what may be required.  (Many of her consults will provide her with before photos and/or video of the space and after of the space, with a testimonial of the changes that have occurred!)

Consulting and Design Services

 While working with Lisa you will:

  • Unlock all those areas that are holding you back
  • Clear old thought patterns, and anything else that comes up
  • Gain tools and information to maintain and continue creating
  • Create a game plan to move forward in your life
  • Streamlining your belongings, includes disposal and de-clutter
  • Design your space
  • Arrange furniture
  • Define Space
  • Utilize Storage
  • Layer and stylize your new space
* If travel is required ~ costs are negotiated per consult

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