In the late summer of 2013, my body chose to stop breathing. I found myself walking from the kitchen to my bedroom and was not able to catch my breath. I had the awareness to call 911 and call out my son’s name before I found myself collapsing onto the bed. In that short time, I remember losing consciousness and floating above myself. I saw my son standing beside my body as I was not able to get a full breath. I could sense my son’s tension and panic as he grabbed my hand to keep me in my body. In that split second, the world slowed down, I became extremely calm and I realized I had a CHOICE to either stay or go. Thankfully, I  choose to stay.

I remember that I needed to concentrate on my breathing which was predominant in my mind along with staying calm. I knew that if I got upset that would require more oxygen. Its amazing how much clarity I had around breathing.  Eventually the firemen and paramedics arrived to take care of me. Everything else in my life became irrelevant and the only thing that mattered was saying to myself "just breathe".

When I was rushed to the hospital I ended up with a team of specialists, from heart, internal and lung doctors (9 in total).   It was established that with a massive blood clot by my heart and my lungs full of masses of clots that to be alive was considered in this universe a complete miracle. They rushed me in for an MRI, CT scan and I immediately went in for surgery to place a filter preventing further clots going to my lungs and heart.   I spent 10 days in the hospital on oxygen, having surgery, and came home walking with some assistance. I moved like a persons whose body was worn out and at times crawling to get myself from my bed to the bathroom.  It was a frustrating time, and was mostly spent going from doctor appts, to sleeping, and self care.  I had limited memory of people visiting with me or of having conversations and found myself relearning some simple tasks.  I continued to ask questions of what else is possible, as I wasn't desiring to stay on the medical protocol of meds they prescribed to me for the rest of my life.  I knew that there had to be another way.

At about the 1/2 year mark, I was given a product from a friend that asked me to try something that wouldn't contraindicate with my meds and assist with building up my immune system and detoxify my body. Without knowing what the outcome would be I agreed to take the product.  OMG within the first 3 weeks my body completely eliminated the inflammation, I increased my mental clarity, my energy levels went thru the roof, I slept soundly, eliminated excess weight and the most amazing thing was my ability to BREATHE DEEPLY into my lungs with such ease. Today I run with ease (something I was not able to do for a long time and actually dreamt of doing from my hospital bed!) My doctors are constantly amazed at the healing of my body. The scar tissue on my lungs has healed along with the strain that was caused on my heart muscle.  I am no longer on my meds and I continue to share with so many others around the world, as well as hear their stories of change especially when they were told that there was no other way!

I am so grateful this amazing and natural creation which came into my world. Would you like to know more about this?

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