Testimonials/Love Notes

Lisa is just bursting with joy from these expressions of gratitude she has received! In sharing these love notes she would like to invite you to receive the gratitude present in your life for all that you contribute to the people around you.

I asked Lisa to come to our home and help us organize our bedroom. We moved in 5 years ago and I still had boxes of things that I didn't know how to sort out. I thought Lisa and I were just going to work with my husband and I's bedroom, but it turns out every room in the house is connected and becomes part of the organizing. What we achieved with Lisa's help is not something we couldn't have achieved by ourselves. It was like the rooms and furniture talked to her and told her how they wanted to be organized. Lisa taught us to categorize our belongings so that we know where they belong, where to put them when we're done with them. She helped us put a system in place that makes sense and that is easy to use and maintain. Her visit has a lasting effect: my husband asked me this morning to be "his Lisa" to help him let go of something he no longer uses... Her visit also inspired us to do more than just what was done during her visit. Our bedroom now has so much space. It is a pleasure to be in that space. It is also like having a brand new place, full of possibilities. It is like having a bedroom that looks like a bedroom pictured in a magazine. I am so grateful I met Lisa! Thank you!


While on Lisa's table I felt nourished in a profound way. When I got off the table I felt an expansive peace well being and lightness I felt more in and connected to my body. Also I had this smile on my face that just didn't want to stop". I would work with Lisa again in a heartbeat."

Megan Sillito , facilitator/ coach

Lisa is contagious joy; the embodiment of elegance, beauty, and ease. She naturally creates 'more' as she moves through the world, and is a huge contribution to my life! Having Lisa in your court is bound to expand your world dynamically...and with lots of fun in the process!


Thank you for the class you facilitated on Creating Conscious Spaces! One of the things I asked for was to have a sexier bedroom. After some minor changes including moving a dresser to create greater flow and re-hanging artwork consciously, there is more space and more room to breathe. There is more something else too and that "is" just for me, just for fun, never tell anyone!


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Lisa has the female Dr. Dain Energy! Love her

- Alberta

Seriously, just do it! Amazing ~ Lisa has hands of Gold!!

- Karen

I was recently interviewed by Lisa on her radio show. Her capacity to totally include you is truly amazing. The way she connects with people just makes you feel so loved!

- Liam Phillips, Curing the Incurable